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Combinations in time are missing

On calculation of the (cracked) deformation over time, following message appears:

Combinations in time are missing

[NL]: Combinaties in de tijd ontbreken

[FR]: Des combinaisons dans le temps manquent

[ES]: Faltan combinaciones en el tiempo


In order to calculate the deformation over time, Diamonds needs at least to be present:

  • t0
  • Combination for cracking
  • 1 combination in time

Without these, the deformation over time will not run. Here’s how to define the above parameters:

  1. Go back the Loads window
  2. Click on Define load groups
  3. Fill out the 2 columns t0 and Combination for cracking
    1. t0: time at which the load applies to structure [days]. Example: 28 days is a typical value for the selfweight.
    2. Combination for cracking: reference combination for the cracking in time evaluation. Recommended is to take ULS RC 1 (NL: BGT ZC 1, FR: ELS CR 1), as all other evaluation of cracking in Diamonds is based on ULS RC.

  4. Click on ‘Define combinations for deformation over time’
  5. Generate all combinations automatically (easiest) or Create a combination of your own
  6. Click Ok
  7. Recalculate the model
  8. Run the reinforcement calculation
  9. Run the deformation over time

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