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Error: Connect Gateway to Gateway Server

Error when starting Diamonds/PowerConnect: Connect Gateway to Gateway Server

[NL]: Verbind Gateway met Gateway Server

[FR]: Connecter Gateway à Gateway Server

[ES]: Conectar Gateway con Gateway Server


  1. Open Task Manager ( CTRL +  ALT +  DEL or right mouse click on the Windows bar).
  2. Click on ‘More details’.
  3. Go to the tabpage ‘Services’.
    • If Gateway Server is Started, skip Steps 4 and 5, go immedialty to Step 6.
    • If Gateway Server is Stopped, click on ‘Open Services’ and proceed with the steps below.

  4. Find the service ‘Gateway Server’ > right mouse button > ‘Start’.
  5. Close Task Manager.
  6. Diamonds should continue the start-up process.
    If Diamonds/PowerConnect still doesn’t start, try one of the following options:

Alternative solution (Windows admin rights required)

  1. Click on the icon . This will start the Gateway Configuration Tool.
  2. Select ‘Gateway Server’ and click ‘Start’.
  3. Close the tool.

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