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SQL Installation error 27506 – 3013

Error 27506. Error executing SQL script create_backup.sql. Line 9. BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally. (3013)


  • Click the errors away and stop the installation.
  • Run the Diamonds/PowerConnect/ BIM Expert installer. During this installation, Gateway will be installed again.
    • Click ‘Next’.
    • Select ‘Custom’ and click ‘Next’.
    • ‘Choose destination location’ > leave everything on default and hit ‘Next’.
    • ‘Select features’ > make sure everything is checked and hit ‘Next’.
    • Choose ‘Install new SQL Server Express 2014 instance’.
      Change the name of the instance to something else, for example ‘SQLEXPRESS14BS2′. It’s important you change the name, othewise you’ll end up the we same error. 
      Click ‘Next’.
      An SQL instance will be installed now. It might seem the installation is stuck, but be patient as this installation can take a while (5 to 15 min, depending on how fast your computer is).
  • Continue with the Diamonds/PowerConnect or BIM Expert installation.
  • Optionally: uninstall the old SQL instance.


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