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What is Gateway?

Gateway and Gateway Server are 2 services developped by Buildsoft providing the communication between the software (Diamonds, PowerConnect and BIM Expert) and the section and material library.

This is de complete structure:

  • The section and material library of Diamonds/PowerConnect/BIM Expert is a database managed by an SQL instance. SQL Server is developed by Microsoft, not by BuildSoft. BuildSoft only uses its features. This was necessary since our old libraries where not suitable for exchange with Tekla Structures. 
  • Gateway is a service providing the communication between Diamonds/ PowerConnect/ BIM Expert and the database of the section/material library.
  • The database does not necessarily has to be located locally on your computer. It can be stored on any computer in your network. The service ’Gateway Server’ makes it possible to access the database over network.
  • The Gateway Configuration Tool allows you to configure the settings of the database and services.

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