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Error: Connect client to Gateway

Error message on starting Diamonds/PowerConnect: Connect client to Gateway

[NL]: Verbind Client met Gateway

[FR]: Connecter client à Gateway

[ES]: Conectar client a Gateway

Cause: the service ‘Gateway’ is not running.


    1. Open Task Manager ( CTRL +  ALT +  DEL or right mouse click on the Windows bar).
    2. Click on ‘More details’.
    3. Click on ‘Open Services’.
    4. Find the service ‘Gateway’ > right mouse button > ‘Start’.
      The Status should be ‘Started’.
      Can't find Gateway in the list?

      If you can’t find Gateway in the list it means it is not installed. Download the Gateway installers and run them after that.


  • Close Task Manager.
  • Diamonds/ PowerConnect will continue the start-up process.

    Solution 2

    You still see the message: ‘Connect Client to Gateway’. Try the following in sequence!

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