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How to relocate the preferences

Note: this method applies for both Diamonds and PowerConnect. For PowerConnect, replace ‘Diamonds’ with ‘PowerConnect’ in the text below.

  • Close all Diamonds projects.
  • Create a folder a folder on the C-drive. Name it ‘Diamonds_prefs‘.
    The main reason to move the preferences to a different location is because Diamonds does not have write/read permissions to the default location (= My Documents). It is therefore crucial to choose a folder/location to which Diamonds may have write/read permissions when moving the preferences. The Desktop can be an option, but all kinds of cloud-sync-systems (such as OneDrive) can oppose the communication. So it you want to be sure, create the folder on a location that’s not synced with any cloud or (internal)network system. Usually the C-drive meets this requirement. So reacte the folder on the C-drive?
  • Create a NotePad-file on the Desktop. Name it ‘FileLocalisation’ (see example at the bottom of this article).
    Pay attention to the capital letters/spelling and don’t name it differently! The extension will be *.txt.
  • Open the NotePad-file FileLocalisation.txt.
  • Copy paste the path of the folder ‘Diamonds_prefs‘ in it. Close the path off with ‘\’.
    For example: with ‘Diamonds_pref’ folder placed on the C-drive, the path becomes

  • Close the NotePad-file and save changes.
  • Drag the NotePad-file FileLocalisation.txt into the installation folder of Diamonds (C:\Program Files (x86)\BuildSoft\Diamonds20xy).
  • Start Diamonds.
    If he asks you to choose a language while booting, you did it correctly and the issue should be resolved.

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