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How to verify the used mesh size?

On verifying the mesh, you should check 3 things:

  • The size
  • The regularity
  • The free borders


Play with the maximul element size to obtain a mesh that is not too big or not too small in relation to the dimensions of the model. Preferably you should have at least two triangles along each plate edge and two triangles between an opening and a plate edge.

Good Too small Too Big

Remove unnecessary points and lines, because each point in the geometry, will become a mesh point.

Good Bad



Each mesh triangle only fulfills the equilibrium equations over its surface, regular triangles give better quality of results. Avoid elongated triangles by playing the maximum and minimum size.

Good Bad

Free borders

Diamands checks the consistency of the model by searching for free edges (= edges where no other plates connect), thus where the model begins and ends. Free edges are highlighted in a bright green color. Check if the free edges are in the right place!

Free edges where they should be Free edges where they should not be

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