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Installing a Smartkey USB on a 64-bit computer

The Smartkey license dongles belong to the previous licensing system. They existed in a black USB version and Parallel Port version. 64 bit operating systems don’t support this type of license dongle without the a driver.

  1. Make sure the license dongle is not connected.
  2. Install the BuildSoft software of your choice
    Following BuildSoft programs are compatible with Smartkey dongles:

    PowerFrame, PowerPlate, PowerConnect (2012 or older), 12-Build, ConCrete, ConCrete Plus, ConCrete C
    Note: ConCrete C will not run on a 64 bit operating system.

    Following BuildSoft programs are NOT compatible with Smartkey dongles:

    Diamonds (all versions), PowerConnect (2013 or newer), BIM Expert

  3. Download the driver (see below or use WeTransfer).
  4. Unzip the driver. You can use WinZip (free trial) or 7zip (free ware) to do this.
  5. In the unzipped folder, double click the application “SmartkeyDriverInstaller.exe”.
    Note: when the “SmartkeyDriverInstaller.exe” doesn’t want to install, you can also try the “SmartkeyDriverInstaller.msi”
  6. Plug the license dongle into your computer.
  7. Start the Buildsoft software.

Note: the license-system with smartkeys is outdated in the sense that it sometimes refuses to work on new operating systems (even when the 64-bit driver is installed). In that case the Smarkey can be exchanged to a CodeMeter dongle (free in case of the support contract). Please contact the Support-desk for further arrangements.

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