Diamonds doesn’t start

When double clicking the Diamonds icon on the desktop, nothing happens. The start-up screen (syn. splash screen, 2 examples in the images below) doesn’t even appear. This usually occurs after a Windows update.

If the splash screen does appear, but Diamonds is stuck on it, please continue reading here.

Solution 1

[Diamonds 2017 or newer]
  1. Open Task Manager (hot key: CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) .
  2. Click on ‘More details’.
  3. Go the tab page ‘Processes’.
  4. With ‘Apps’ and ‘Background processes’: close all Diamonds instances.
  5. Go to the tab page ‘Details’.
    Find ‘BuildSoft.Gateway.exe’ > > right mouse button > ‘End task’.
    Find ‘BuildSoft.Gateway.Server.exe’ > > right mouse button > ‘End task’.
  6. Go to the tab page ‘Services’.
    Check if the ‘Gateway’ and ‘Gateway Server’ are Stopped. If not, repeat step 5.
  7. Start Diamonds.

Solution 2

  • Set a local printer as default printer (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > right click on desired default printer and select ‘Set as default printer’).

Solution 3

Solution 4

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